For single ladies, Valentine’s Day can unfortunately serve as a reminder that they’re without that special someone. With candlelit dinners and Valentine’s cards flowing freely, punctuated with thoughts of love and sentiment, it can seem as though everyone who’s anyone has someone on Valentine’s Day. However, cupid’s shower of arrows doesn’t have to be a celebration reserved just for couples.

On a day coloured with all of a girl’s favourite things – roses, jewels and chocolates – nothing is out of reach for a single girl looking to embrace Valentine’s Day.

The not-so-lonely heart’s club
Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year when single ladies can grant themself some guilt-fee self-indulgence. Do something just for you, such as pampering yourself at an all-day spa. Start at the sauna to release any built-up tension from work, friends, finances… the usual! Follow this with an antioxidant-lifting facial to truly indulge your skin and senses. You will leave feeling refreshed and revitalised, with glowing skin to match your renewed outlook.

Spend some time with yourself
Devote time to a neglected hobby. Leading an active life – scheduling around work, family and friends – means it’s easy for time to escape us. Before you know it, it’s been weeks or months since you’ve spent some alone time doing the things you love. Why not use Valentine’s Day – a day when loved up couples and friends are preoccupied – to enjoy some me-time? Whether it’s cooking, attending your favourite yoga class or taking the time to see a show, there is no greater reward than enjoying your own company.
There’s no harm in spoiling yourself rotten on Valentine’s Day either. Reward yourself with a little something sparkling like a charm bracelet, elegant necklace or even some freshwater pearl studs, to remind yourself that even single girls deservegorgeous gifts.

What are friends for?
Not keen on spending Valentine’s Day alone? Gather a few of your likewise single girlfriends and make a day out of the celebration. Cook together, book in a wine-tasting course or head to your favourite little bar for a well-deserved three-course meal, without skimping on all your favourites of course. Remember that Valentine’s Day is about more than expressing your love for members of the opposite sex – your friends deserve some love too!
Regardless of whether you’re single or in a relationship, Valentine’s Day is an excuse to share a day of love – whether with yourself or that special someone. It’s an opportunity to adjust your mindset and focus on what you have, instead of what you don’t.