The true sentiment of Valentine’s Day can sometimes get lost in a mass of roses, teddy bears and balloons, but it doesn’t mean you have to. Take a more personal approach this year and go DIY on the old adage ‘made with love’.

Food for thought

If your other half is a food lover, then why not head for the kitchen and make them some homemade treats for Valentine’s Day? From chutneys, pickles and jams to cakes, biscuits or homemade coffee blends – do your research and find a recipe that will wow. Package it up prettily with a handwritten label and a sweet message. If you’re feeling particularly romantic, pack a picnic or cook a dinner for two with your present as the star dish.

Creatively inclined

If you’re a creative type then this is your day to shine. Make something personal for your partner – like a card you made, a framed photo, painting or illustration, a screen-printed tee or a ceramic artwork. Or if you’re handy with tools, build them that little bookshelf they want or restore the vintage armchair or table they love but haven’t got around to fixing yet. They are bound to appreciate the time and effort you took crafting their gift.

Green is the colour 

If you’re better in the garden than you are in the kitchen, then put that green thumb to work and make your partner a gift that grows. Think a terrarium, kitchen herb garden or flowerbed. It’s a gesture that will last much longer than the typical 12 red roses.

Simply does it

Finally, never underestimate the beauty of simple gestures. Create a Spotify playlist of your favourite songs together or hide little notes or drawings – in their purse or wallet, on their pillow, between the mail or on the fridge – that they will find throughout Valentine’s Day and make them smile.

Making your other half feel special on Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be extravagant or cliched; it’s all in the approach. So make their day – literally!