Kim Kardashian’s done it. You could say she’s an expert at it. So too have starlets Lauren Conrad, Kelly Osbourne, Kate Bosworth and Teresa Palmer. What are we talking about? Well, they all bucked magazine cover stories and instead announced their forthcoming nuptials to the world with a simple snap of their sparkling new engagement rings on Twitter or Instagram – aka the ‘engagement ring selfie’.

The trend has caught on quickly, with #engagementringselfie a popular and regular hashtag on social media. And why not? It’s a fabulous way for a girl to share her news and show off the most precious piece of jewellery she’s likely to ever own. However, there’s a world of difference between a sweet and classy announcement and something crass. So what’s the best way to do it? There are some practical considerations for getting a good selfie of your designer engagement ring.

Natural light

Gentle sunlight is your friend, so head outside for a sun-dappled pic. Skip the zoom function and move the camera close to your ring finger to keep the resolution high. If you’re no Ansel Adams when it comes to maneuvering a camera, turn to a trusty photo app like Instagram or Hipstamatic to give your selfie the exact tone you’re looking for.

Pamper perfect

While it can be hard to predict the exact day your love is planning on getting down on one knee, ensuring your nails look presentable in an engagement ring selfie is a must. If the proposal is a complete surprise and your nails are not looking their best, it might be worthwhile postponing this all-important photo shoot until after you’ve painted your nails or booked in a manicure.


Tone is just as important, so forget about any cheesy fist pumps or thumbs up. Yes, you’ve found true love, and yes you’d probably been dropping hints for a while, but this isn’t an Olympic medal winning moment. Also, steer clear of a super staged selfie: a ‘humble brag’ Caribbean holiday or Mercedes-Benz steering wheel as a backdrop is just showing off!

Once is enough

You only need to post one snap – we get it. Wait for a while after he’s popped the question. Spend some quality time with your love, rather than dropping everything to snap and post a pic with #thisjusthappened. Don’t forget to make your husband-to-be part of the pic – link hands with him for a close up or get a couple’s shot which also happens to include a flash of the diamond ring.

The always-elegant Olivia Palermo got it right recently. Fiancé Johannes Huebl announced their engagement on Instagram with a charming little video, showing Palermo wandering through a garden and finishing with a close-up of the loved-up socialite with the ring on her finger. In that one sweet moment, it was all about the love. And that’s what getting engaged is all about after all.

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Image courtesy: @carliebrindle1 (Left)  & @bancerchief

Image courtesy: @carliebrindle1 (Left)  & @bancerchief