How to wear amethysts

February may be synonymous with love and passion thanks to a certain 14th day, but it's also the month of the year linked to the amethyst gemstone.

Coming in dazzling shades of purple, lilac and mauve, the amethyst gem is believed to have many benefits, including helping to cure insomnia, encouraging positivity and aiding meditation. The name 'amethyst' is directly translated from Latin to mean 'not intoxicated' and, in ancient times, was believed to protect its wearer from intoxication.

If you are looking to create positive vibes in your life, or simply love the look of the brilliant purple-hued jewel, here's how you can wear it.  


Opt for statement style by wearing an amethyst set in a pendant on a long-chained necklace. Not only will the gorgeous colour draw attention to the décolletage, wearing the gem close to the heart is said to have healing properties. Some believe that positive energy is focused on the area of the body on which the amethyst is worn and can aid in more relaxed breathing and better circulation when worn near the chest.


This semi-precious stone is a great addition to your trend-based jewellery pieces, namely because it comes in so many different shades. Not only that, amethyst is also known to slightly change colour when exposed to heat – almost like a mood ring. Brownish varieties are commonly heated and turn into bright yellow or orange.

There has also been a shift away from traditional diamonds in engagement rings for something a little more eye-catching. An amethyst is a great choice of stone for the girl who likes to be unique – or standout – while their symbolism of spirituality, sincerity, and purity are all characteristics you'd want in your partner for life.


Generally set in silver, amethyst stones make beautiful teardrop earrings or studs. They are perfect as a statement piece of jewellery when wearing neutral, earthy tones or even for a bride wearing all white. The gem catches light brilliantly and will subtly draw attention to the face and neck.

Amethysts can also be found in the British Crown Jewels, as purple has long been considered to be a 'royal' colour, and therefore have been in great demand throughout history – and will continue to be for years to come. 

Look pretty in purple this February with a great selection of amethyst-adorned pieces.