With every bracelet or charm purchase from the Emma & Roe by Michael Hill Pink Hope Collection, you're helping to raise awareness & provide ongoing support for families dealing with hereditary breast & ovarian cancer.

Pink Hope was established in response to a gap in the provision of information, relevant guidance and emotional support to women and their families at risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

Pink Hope Founder Krystal Barter became a preventative cancer activist, speaker and author after she discovered her family’s cancer history was not by chance but due to a gene fault called BRCA1 (the same gene made famous by Angelina Jolie) which predisposes the carrier to breast and ovarian cancer in gene fault carriers. Krystal created the charity from her hospital bed whilst recovering from her preventative double mastectomy at age 25 (after changes were discovered in her breast tissue) & in 2014 took the final step of having her ovary & fallopian tubes removed to reduce her risk of ovarian cancer. Having experienced the isolation and lack of information for high risk families – Krystal created Pink Hope for women and families like hers, with the goal of ensuring this generations high risk families do not become the next generations cancer sufferers.

Pink Hope became a stand alone charity in 2012 and has become a premier hereditary health prevention charity – supporting thousands of at-risk families and enabling the general population to also assess and understand their own risk.

Every purchase from the Emma & Roe by Michael Hill Pink Hope collection goes to fulfilling our pledge of donating $1.1 million to the Pink Hope charity.  Show your support today by adding a Pink Hope charm to your bracelet. Every charm helps save a life.