It’s finally here! Cake, tick. Dress, tick. Guests, tick, tick, tick. Now all you have to do is relax and enjoy your wedding day, right? But what if it rains? What if you get a blister? What if no one talks to Great Aunt Mary?

No doubt you have meticulously planned every aspect of your day, but there’s always going to be something you can’t anticipate. For that reason, we’ve pulled together some last-minute tips to ensure you can truly enjoy your wedding stress-free.

• First, give yourself plenty of time to get ready and calm those wedding jitters. Don’t leave getting dressed until the last minute – there’s nothing worse than a rushed bride.

• Have a wet weather plan. A balmy summer’s day may be forecast but the weather gods can’t always be trusted. You’ll feel better knowing there’s a back up.

• Delegate, delegate, delegate! Bridesmaids and groomsmen aren’t there just to look good in photos. Choose someone calm to watch the time and deal with any last-minute needs.

• Ask someone diplomatic to keep an eye on any guests that might misbehave. They’ll make sure your ultra-conservative uncle doesn’t end up arguing with your radical workmate.

• Have a small emergency pack on hand. Include a mini sewing kit, make up remover, stain remover, Hollywood tape, bobby pins, hairspray, blotting paper and mints. Your maid of honour can look after it, and should also be on wardrobe duty to watch for any errant bra straps.

• There will undoubtedly be a conga line of well wishers hoping to speak to you throughout the reception. Set up a video camera in a corner for everyone to record a message – they’ll get to say everything they want and you’ll have a record of it to enjoy forever.

• Remember – eat and drink plenty of water whenever you can. Before you leave for the ceremony. Between the ceremony and reception. And ask the caterers for leftovers to take back to the hotel. Do not miss out on that cake!

Finally, try and let go. You’ve done everything right, so now it’s time to enjoy yourself. Everyone will have a good time if you do. It’s your day, so take a deep breath, look into each other’s eyes and feel the love.





Ah, the honeymoon. It’s your reward for all those hours of wedding planning and surviving the whirlwind of the day itself. And let’s be honest, it’s when the real fun starts. But with all the choices in the world, how do you decide? After speaking to many brides, here are our tips to help narrow down the search!

First and foremost, your honeymoon is ‘together time’, so consider what you both like to do. Are you dreaming of lazing around on a deserted beach or hiking through the wilderness? Perhaps you’re culture vultures who are happiest wandering through a museum hand in hand, or adrenalin junkies who are brought even closer together after a daredevil adventure like climbing a mountain or jumping out of a plane. Make a combined list of places that fulfill most of your dreams, most of the time.

Many couples have different interests, so consider a destination that offers a variety of experiences. For example Greece has glorious beaches and aeons of culture, while Aspen has thrilling ski slopes plus uber luxury.

It’s a holiday you’ll remember forever, so if you still can’t decide, consider somewhere with significance. Visit his grandparents’ Italian village or return to that romantic B&B where you first realised he was the one.

Establish a budget so you aren’t fretting about costs, but that doesn’t mean you have to skimp on a great experience. If you can’t afford the Maldives, why not try Fiji? Or head to snow-covered Prague instead of Paris.

It’s also important to take into account your timing. Flying around the world probably isn’t an option if time is limited as you’ll spend too long travelling and fighting off jetlag. And the time of year can also narrow down choices – in a good way. Your dream destination could be cheaper and less crowded in the off season.

Finally, remember a honeymoon doesn’t have to be overseas. We aren’t called the lucky country for nothing – and Australia has plenty of great honeymoon destinations. Enjoy the romantic sunsets of Broome or stroll through the pretty streets of Hobart. Sleep under the stars on Fraser Island or explore the Mars-like landscape of Lake Mungo. Go snorkelling in the Whitsundays or hiking on Lord Howe Island – the choice is yours!

The two of you are setting out on the biggest adventure of all, so take this time to enjoy each other’s company and most importantly – have fun!